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Even the strongest individuals are overwhelmed by the challenges life throws at them. An individual can meet a sudden accident, contract a serious illness, lose their home, job or belongings, or, in the worst cases, lose a loved one. No one is prepared for these setbacks, yet they occur, often in continuity, leaving the person in complete hopelessness and crisis. One cannot control or stop these challenges but can overcome them with inner strength. And there is no innate trait that allows you to identify your strength and rebuild yourself. This is a matter of soul searching that enables you to identify your motivations and true potential. The book urges the readers to look for their inner courage and strength and follow the path of self-transformation in the face of setbacks. Although the author references the COVID-19 pandemic, he talks about the thought process for any difficult challenge in one’s life.

But how can you become what you already are?

The idea is that every individual has particular inner resources and predispositions that beg to be revealed. But no one tries to look deep inside to identify those resources. It takes time and practice and following the road to transformation. You cannot launch blindly into undertakings, not within your reach, but you have to follow an uphill slope. The techniques of personal change are based on the principle of interior transformation. You have to change your thoughts, your behavior, leading you from self-knowledge to self-mastery. The will alone is not enough. Anyone who makes new years’ resolution is well aware of this. You end up hitting with other immediate setbacks and a thousand distractions. To change, you must believe that change will occur.  Hypnosis is a powerful tool to build confidence in your ability to change. It allows you to concentrate on your internal experiences while maintaining control of yourself. With hypnosis, you can activate your own resources and access to the unconscious information that you have about the causes of a challenge, giving you greater control over it. Personal change requires a change of perspective about your lifestyle and environment. You need to get out of your usual framework for change. Often travel, friends, meetings, associations- all play a major role in one’s attitude. Good or bad, it helps extricate you from a situation or plunge you back into it. You need to make the right choices! The book is about how one can take their inner crisis and setbacks as opportunities to rethink their lives and make transformations within and in their surroundings using their inner strength. For an overview of the book, click here!